About Nine8

We started Nine8 to build community in the fandoms that we love. We saw too many friends and strangers get taken advantage of and led astray by others who were just out for the next big score. At Nine8 we want to bring people who love these games and stories together and show them that they have a home here. 


  Michael Meade - Co-Founder/CEO
Michael has worked in the comic/game retail industry for almost 15 years and has been collecting for most of his life. Comic grading and community building are his forte. Having a love of story telling, he got his Bachelors in English to further his dream of bringing good story into other peoples hearts.



   Chris Aliano - Co-Founder/CIO
Chris has been working in the collectible trading cards and gaming retail sector for several years and has been a staple figure in the local TCG competitive scene for most of his adult life. The collectible market has become a passion for him, not only for the game, but for the community as well. 



  Allan Platner - Co-Founder/COO
Not only has Allan been crucial in the local collectible retail market for years, but he also has an extensive background in Japanese Trading Card Games (yu-gi-oh, pokemon, etc). Community building, competitive game play, and the love of these games have been a driving force for most of his life.